School Fundraising Solution

School Fundraising Solution

School Fundraising Solution –

There are many things students and parents can do to raise money for schools, classes, and students.  But fundraisers for schools require a lot of time and dedication from students, parents, as well as teachers and staff. There are many fun filled fundraisers students can participate in such as car washes, book sales, talent shows, scavenger hunts, and more!

We are introducing A New Approach to Fundraising.  It’s called  When you first hear that phrase you are probably wondering this.   What is a credit card fundraiser?

It’s quite simple actually.  Start earning income for your local school today by offering a credit card offer to anyone who is willing to support the cause (over 18 of course and with good credit) When this credit card is used, it will automatically earn and donate your cash back to any nonprofit of your choice, in this case your school!  Credit Card users can charge anything and everything.

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